What is a Dex aggregator?

DEX aggregators source liquidity from different DEXs and thus offer users better token swap rates than they could get on any single DEX. DEX aggregators have the ability to optimize slippage, swap fees and token prices which, when done right, offer a better rate for users.

Why do dexs use decentralized exchange aggregators?

Usually, DEXs are interested in DEX aggregator integrations since it’s a great chance to attract more users and volume. According to the recent data, high notional traders use decentralized exchange aggregators more and more often while retail users still prefer to access DEXs directly.

How long did it take to build the first Dex aggregator?

Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov built the first DEX aggregator in 18 hours during a hackathon which later served as the foundation for today's 1inch. The first version was, obviously, not entirely functional, but it set the bases for DEX Aggregators in the future.

What are the opportunities for Defi aggregators?

In the DeFi world, where thousands of tokens are launched across different chains, traders want to be able to trade these assets across chains. This can open new opportunities for DEX aggregators who provide frictionless cross-chain token swaps. They are expanding the use of crypto exchanges.