What is a desktop Crypto Wallet?

Most users will want a desktop crypto wallet in which you can store various cryptocurrencies. Some desktop wallets are integrated with a trading platform and allow you to seamlessly trade your crypto.

How do desktop wallets work?

Desktop wallets work much the same way as other types of crypto wallets, providing users upon setup with both a public and private key to sign and execute transactions. To send cryptocurrency, a desktop wallet user will need the receiving address of the person on the other side of the transaction.

What is the BitPay desktop wallet?

You can even use it to buy gift cards with crypto or load your BitPay Card. Rather than offering a bloated software solution full of services you don’t need and will never use, the BitPay Desktop wallet includes only the most essential features. The BitPay Desktop wallet, and many others, are available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

What is a web-based crypto wallet?

Most web-based crypto wallets tend to be custodial wallets. Typically offered on cryptocurrency exchanges, these wallets are known for their convenience and ease of usage, and are especially popular with newcomers, as well as experienced day traders.