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What is computer aided Quality (CAQ)?

Computer-aided quality (CAQ) is quality management software (QMS) that helps manufacturers ensure consistent process and product quality from design through production (“idea to shelf”). While “computer-aided quality” is sometimes used interchangeably with “quality management system,” CAQ software sometimes refers to a subset of QMS functions.

What is CAQ based on?

It thus creates a basis for forecasts and adjustments to the quality strategy. CAQ is based on standards such asDIN EN ISO 9001, which defines guidelines for quality management as well as industry-specific regulations and the company's internal quality standards.

What is the difference between QMS and CAQ software?

Specifically, QMS software includes quality planning or advanced product quality planning (APQP), continuous quality improvement throughout the product lifecycle, and quality assurance or quality control during production; and CAQ software focuses on the last of these.

What is an example of a CAQ module?

For example, a module thatmonitors the condition of a particular machine would contain functions that record measurement data and create inspection and maintenance plans. Since CAQ systems must be adapted to the needs of the company in which they are used, their structure is usually modular.

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