What are Crypto debit cards?

Some crypto debit card providers will issue 2 card types: a virtual card for online purchases and a physical card for in-store purchases. Sure, crypto debit card rewards are available but they are quite different from what you’d expect from conventional prepaid debit cards.

How do I top up my Crypto debit card?

First, you must top up your crypto debit card with a digital currency of your choice, often from the card provider’s wallet. Most providers will let you fund your card via their website or mobile app. Once your card is loaded, you’re ready to hit the spending spree — whether in-store or online.

What is the Wirex debit card?

With the Wirex Debit Card, users can hold crypto in their account and only sell it at the point in time where they spend using the debit card. This is a great benefit for investors looking to hold onto their crypto for as long as possible.

What are the benefits of a Crypto Card?

Arguably the biggest benefit of the Crypto.com card is its reward system. Users can earn up to 8% cash back paid in crypto, as well as rebates on Netlix, Spotify and Amazon Prime subscriptions. What's more, you can get exclusive airport lounge access with the higher tiered debit card options.