What is AUD/USD and how to trade it?

AUD/USD is the abbreviation for the Australian dollar/U.S. dollar currency pair, known informally as the “Aussie” among forex traders. AUD/USD is also the ticker symbol for trading the spot price of this pair. Since Australia relies heavily on raw materials exports, this currency pair is heavily influenced by commodity prices.

Where can I buy AUD?

Aud is accepted in a few places although CPF is generally required. If need be you can purchase CPF from the pursers desk on board additionally there is a currency exchange booth at the Cruise ship terminal. There is a small market and local tour vendors are available in the terminal for tour purchases they will accept AUD.

What is the Audo?

At the Audo we create a sense of community between like-minded individuals. As a restaurant, café, concept store, boutique hotel residence, hospitality and community in one. OBS!

Is the AUD/USD market open or closed?

12/08 - Closed. ( Disclaimer ) What is your sentiment on AUD/USD? Market is currently closed. Voting is open during market hours.