What is crypto com tax?

What is Crypto.com Tax? Crypto.com has launched Crypto.com Tax to assist crypto investors with their crypto taxes. You may refer to this section on the jurisdictions currently supported by Crypto.com Tax. Full integration with popular exchanges & wallets and an easy-to-use interface that gets the job done in no time.

Where can I get a 2021 crypto tax report?

We’re excited to share that U.S. and Canada users can now generate their 2021 crypto tax reports on Crypto.com Tax, which is also available to users in Germany, Australia, and the U.K. Crypto.com Tax makes it easy to calculate complicated crypto taxes for free.

Does crypto com tax support custom tokens?

Additionally, Crypto.com Tax now features support for custom tokens and multiple blockchains. Here are the full details: If users would like to import a transaction involving a token that Crypto.com Tax does not currently support, fret not!

What is included in a crypto tax report?

What’s more, this detailed crypto tax report includes the user’s transaction history and full record of capital gains and losses. For more information, please visit the Help Center. Ready to start your crypto journey?