What are crypto com Visa cards?

All Crypto.com Visa cards (that are exclusive to CRO token holders) are metal, beautifully crafted, offer CRO rewards, and much more to save Crypto.com App users a ton of money! Please refer to Crypto.com Visa Card - Rewards for more details of the benefits for Crypto.com Visa cardholders.

Is crypto com a good credit card?

Yes – the Crypto.com credit card is one of the best crypto credit cards on the market, enabling payments using 90 different cryptocurrencies and offering an array of tiers to ensure there’s an option for all users. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. How Does the Crypto.com Credit Card Score?

Can I use my crypto COM card to pay in Pos?

You can use your Crypto.com Visa Card to pay in over 40 million Points of Sale (POS) worldwide (look for the VISA logo) and countless online retail shops. Bear in mind, the Crypto.com Card is a Visa prepaid debit card. Some merchants may require a credit card transaction to use their services, among them chiefly hotels and car rental companies.

How does crypto com work?

Crypto.com supports a wide array of cryptocurrency types, and to avoid market fluctuations, the owner’s chosen crypto coin is converted to U.S. dollars based on the real-time market value and then loaded to the Crypto.com Visa. It can then be used like any other payment card.