What is a crypto COM card?

The Crypto.com Card is a unique option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It's a prepaid debit card that lets you spend your crypto and earn up to 5% back in crypto rewards. Although this card has quite the list of features, most of those features also require a financial commitment.

Is the crypto com visa a good prepaid card?

The Crypto.com Visa is a unique product, not only because it is a prepaid card that offers rewards, but because it allows cardholders to earn cryptocurrency rewards rather than the traditional cash back. Crypto investors, especially CRO investors, could definitely benefit from using this card for everyday purchases.

What are the benefits of using a crypto COM card?

Benefits and rewards depend on how much crypto you stake, so the more you invest, the more you get back. The Crypto.com Card is a prepaid debit card. To use it, you need to top up the card (load funds onto it) in the Crypto.com app. You can top it up with cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Where can I use my crypto com Visa card in Singapore?

You are able to use your Crypto.com Visa card at any merchants in Singapore which accept Visa transactions. I’ve been using my Crypto.com Visa card for the past 1 year. So far, I did not encounter any issues where my Crypto.com Visa card was rejected. Here’s how I’ve used my Visa card for certain transactions in Singapore.