How do I create a collection on Reddit?

If you’re on new Reddit, clicking through to a post that is part of a collection will display the browsable collection next to the post. Any mod of your community with Manage Posts & Comments permissions can create, modify, or add posts to a collection. Events are often used in conjunction with collections.

How do FIC collections work?

The way collections are usually used for events is that someone, usually a mod of the event, creates a collection and then everyone who has written a fic for it can add their own fic to the collection. There are also plenty of collections that are "My favorite works - you should read these!"

What are MOD collections?

Collections are mod curated groups of posts that make it easy for users to browse through related posts. Community members can follow collections to get notified when an upcoming event begins or a new post is added to a collection.

What is R/collections?

Welcome to r/Collections, the gateway to all things collecting. Use the stickied post to navigate to other collecting subreddits or post your collection here! 1. No hate speech. No harassing others. Racist, hateful, and aggressive posts or comments will be removed. 2. This is a non-political sub. Discussion of current politics is not allowed.