How much is 1coin (one / USD)?

Note: This coin is not listed on Binance for trade and service. The live price of 1Coin is $ 0.0008661 per (ONE / USD) with a current market cap of $ 1,198.37 USD. 24-hour trading volume is $ 0 USD. ONE to USD price is updated in real-time. 1Coin is 0% in the last 24 hours with a circulating supply of 1.38M.

What is a coin used for?

A coin is a small object, usually round and flat, used primarily as a medium of exchange or legal tender. They are standardized in weight, and produced in large quantities at a mint in order to facilitate trade. They are most often issued by a government. Coins often have images, numerals, or text on them.

What is a cryptocurrency coin?

The key feature of a coin is that of a currency, and the term may also be used to describe a cryptocurrency asset that is not a token. Unlike cryptocurrency tokens, coins are not intended to serve utility functions - such as to represent votes within a community or to denote storage capacity on a decentralized cloud storage.

What is the value of a coin?

Currently coins are used as money in everyday transactions, circulating alongside banknotes. Usually, the highest value coin in circulation (excluding bullion coins) is worth less than the lowest-value note.