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Can I Trade CAC 40 with a CFD?

With us, you’ll trade on the CAC 40® price with our France 40 offering using a CFD trading account. When trading via CFDs, you won’t take ownership of the underlying asset outright, but you’ll be speculating on the France 40 price rising or falling. You can also use CFDs to trade CAC 40-linked stocks and ETFs with us.

What is a CAC 40 ® index?

The selection of stocks are based on market capitalisation and the index is commonly used as an indicator of France’s market performance. As the benchmark index for the French market, the CAC 40® is one of the biggest European stock markets, hence it’s one of the most important national indices of the pan-European stock exchange group, Euronext.

How do I trade the CAC 40® price?

You’ll trade the CAC 40® price directly via our France 40 offering. Using our derivative product, you’ll buy or sell CFDs to exchange the price difference of the France 40 between the opening and closing position. To get exposure, you’ll go long if you believe that the market price will rise or go short if you think that it’ll fall.

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