What is Bres?

BRES publishes employee and employment estimates at detailed geographical and industrial levels. BRES is regarded as the definitive official government source of employee statistics by industry. BRES estimates now include farms agriculture figures at a Local Authority District geography and this data has been reworked back to 2009.

Who owns Bre?

BRE is owned by the BRE Trust, a registered charity. The Trust uses the profits made by the BRE companies to fund research and education that advances knowledge of the built environment.

Who is a Bres user?

Users who hold BRES also hold: Tern, Marula Mining, Premier African Minerals, Helium One, Greatland Gold, Immupharma, Avacta Group, Red Rock Resources, Rua Life Sci., Tech Minerals. Sam Delevan Quinn held the position of Non-Executive Director at the time of this trade.