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How many Bonk Inu tokens will be available after the airdrop?

After the airdrop is complete, 50 trillion Bonk Inu Tokens (BONK) will be available for purchase. The developers promise numerous integrations, as well as the prospect of future voting among BONK holders. The project is still in the process of being developed.

How to join Bonk X digifinex airdrop 365?

How to join the Bonk! Airdrop? Login to the Bonk x DigiFinex Giveaway Gleam page. Follow @DigiFinex on Twitter & RT this Tweet. Join @DigiFinexAirdrop365 on Telegram. Have a DigiFinex Account & submit your UID. To claim a Bybit share, all you need to do is deposit at least 30,000,000 $ BONK during the event period to receive 5,000,000 $ BONK.

What is bonk (bonk)?

BONK is a community dog coin that was airdropped to a variety of Solana NFT holders, DeFi members, art collectors, and Solana developers. 50% of the total supply will be airdropped to the Solana Community by BONK. The devs wanted to have some fun because they were tired of the toxic tokenomics in “Alameda.”

What is airdrop & how does it work?

This article explains AirDrop and how it's used. What is AirDrop? What Does That Mean? AirDrop is a feature in iOS and macOS that lets physically close Mac and iOS devices share files wirelessly with one another with a minimum of fuss. The name basically means to send or 'drop' files over the air from one device to another.

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