How much will BNB price go in 2030?

With 2025 low and 2026 high in sight, on extrapolation and on following the same growth trajectory as before, the rough trading price of BNB in 2030 can go as high as $11012.90. Now that we have the maximum and minimum prices of BNB till 2030, we can extrapolate the calculations and projections to create a price prediction model through 2035.

What is the BNB price prediction for 2024?

This puts the BNB price prediction low for 2024 at $298.30. We can see this level happening towards the end of 2024, marked N3. From N3, the next high, or B3, could again surface at the peak of 160.84% (from earlier). This puts the BNB price for 2025 at $779. The next low could drop as low as $347.20, keeping the 55.35% dip in mind.

Does BNB have a future?

In this BNB price prediction, we dive deep into whether BNB has a future, considering regulatory issues, its utility, tokenomics and much more. BNB is priced at $237.18, up 0.78% in the last 24 hours. The price is down 65% from its all-time high (ATH) of $690.93 in 2021. In the last month, BNB has dropped 23% due to Binance being sued by the SEC.

How much will a Binance coin cost in 2030?

Therefore, our Binance coin price prediction estimates a maximum price of $790 by the end of 2030, with an average price of $620 and a minimum price of $450. Although BNB could climb higher, the coin’s centralised nature presents several risks, ranging from regulatory issues to censorship and negative community sentiment.