What is Bitcoin Cash casino?

The latest rage in the world of casino playing is Bitcoin Cash casino, also known as BCH casino. The new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin with its own Blockchain infrastructure with a block size of about 8 MB, which is higher than that of Bitcoin.

Why are bitcoin live casino games so popular?

These became extremely popular in recent years as players can get the thrill of online casino games with a dealer, much like traditional physical casinos. Also, Bitcoin live casino games are often operated by real people and not machines, making gambling much more trustworthy and exciting.

Do bitcoin casino bonuses expire?

Unlike Bitcoin poker sites, deposit bonuses on Bitcoin casino sites don’t get released in installments as you play, which are yours to keep even if the bonus expires before you finish releasing the entire amount. It’s all or nothing – clear 100% of your bonus before it expires, or you lose it.

Why do Bitcoin Cash casinos need a licnese?

The reason that this is important for the Bitcoin Cash casino industry is that each software provider must hold a gaming licnese in order to service the online markets. Obtaining a licnese from the likes of the UK Gambling Commission is no easy feat, as each software provider must prove that they operate in a legitimate manner.