Why did Binance lose helium network's HNT token?

Binance counted them as one, HNT, resulting in a windfall for customers who deposited the less valuable MOBILE. An accounting bug at Binance has led to a windfall in Helium Network’s native HNT token for some users and shouldered the world’s largest crypto exchange with a multimillion-dollar shortfall, according to people familiar with the matter.

How is the HNT token generated?

The HNT token is generated from mining rewards of Helium's network consensus mechanism. Approximately 5,000,000 new HNT is generated per month, with no cap on the maximum supply of HNT. The mining rewards in HNT are distributed as follows: There was no token sale conducted for the HNT token.

How many helium tokens are there?

There are two tokens on Helium: the native HNT token that Helium pays out to hotspot hosts and the MOBILE token, paid to operators of Helium 5G infrastructure, which launched last month and lacks a liquid market, and therefore any quotable price.

Did Binance partially delist helium?

Community sleuths have theorized that Binance partially delisted Helium as a result of its threatened HNT liquidity, though it remains unclear how Binance would recover its losses by penalizing HNT trading.