What is the lockup period in Binance locked staking?

There is flexible staking with lockup periods of 15, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days. All durations are not available for all cryptocurrencies. What is auto subscribe with Binance locked staking? Enable Auto-Subscribe to resubscribe to the expired locked staking automatically. What is the personal quota in Binance locked staking?

How to see Binance lock staking alternatives?

Alternative: There is an alternative way to see the Binance lock staking alternatives. If you click “Earn” and “Binance Earn,” you can search for your coin. Here, all available options will come up, including locked staking, flexible staking, and if there are more options. 3. What is Binance Flexible Saving?

What is Binance flexible saving?

➤Binance flexible saving has no lock-up periods. ➤Flexible saving has a lower yield than locked staking. Binance flexible saving offers you to earn interest on specific cryptocurrencies without a locking period. Unlocked staking is preferable over locked staking if you don’t know how long you can lock your coins.