Does Binance support USD?

While Binance.US no longer supports USD services, you can open an account with another trusted platform that allows you to buy crypto with USD. Be sure to choose a platform that allows you to transfer crypto into and out of the platform. Then, simply deposit the crypto you purchased to Binance.US.

Is Binance a good cryptocurrency exchange?

As a crypto-only exchange, Binance.US offers a more focused cryptocurrency trading experience with support for 150+ cryptocurrencies. You can still deposit, withdraw, convert, trade, and stake crypto, as well as continue to perform most actions you typically associate with a cryptocurrency exchange.

What happens when you stake on Binance?

When you stake on Binance.US, third-party service providers stake on your behalf and your funds are securely stored in offline cold storage wallets. All staking rewards are generated solely through blockchain validation, by the protocols underlying each supported staking asset, then passed onto you.