What is a hedging calculator?

Our hedge calculator allows you to find the exact amount you should stake on your hedge bet to ensure you return exactly the same amount regardless of the outcome! Feel free to give it a try. What should I know about hedging bets?

What is a hedging bet?

A hedging bet (also known as a hedge) is a strategy that can be done to guarantee a profit if odds have moved in your favor, or in a worst case, limit your losses if the odds move against you. This can be done in both pre-game and in-game (live) markets. Hedge bets are most commonly done when betting on futures markets.

What if I don't want to bet a hedge amount?

If you do not want to bet the full “ideal hedge amount” (which will give the most profit no matter how the game finishes), use the bottom section of the free hedge bet calculator to see what your potential winnings would be by wagering a different amount. Using this calculator fits in nicely with any betting tips and strategies you may be using.

How much is a hedge bet on the Knicks?

If you input these numbers into the hedge calculator, you will get a hedge bet amount of $24.55. Placing a $10 bet on the Knicks at +350 and another bet of $24.55 on the Rockets at -120 would result in a guaranteed profit of $10.46. How do I use the hedge bet calculator?