What is crypto betting?

Crypto betting is just a different type of currency you can use to bet with. You’re still betting on the same events and outcomes. So, you can look at esports betting and sports betting, along with anything else you want to use crypto for! Crypto betting is a fun and new area for those interested in esports betting.

How do you bet on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a leveraged trade, and a $1 bet per point equates to betting on 100 XBT. Assume that Bitcoin is trading in the spot market at $600. A trader may see the bid price listed as 59,850 and the asking price listed as 60,150. The trader speculates that the price will increase and decides to take a long on the spread bet.

Can You bet on sports with cryptocurrency?

Betting on sports with cryptocurrency is no different from traditional currency regarding the bets and options available to you. Regardless of what sport or currency you settle on, the bets will typically be the same. Below, we will look at the most common bets you will encounter with crypto betting.

Is betplay a good crypto casino?

In the lucrative crypto casino environment, BetPlay's appeal lies in its reliability and commitment to offer a secure gaming environment, making it one of the best. Registration process has been made anonymous and players only need a valid email, password, and agree to the terms.