What is the native coin of Axia?

The native coin of Axia is the AXIA coin, a hyper-deflationary asset that supports digital currency globally. AXIA coin has a limited supply that decreases basis on the activity in its expanding ecosystem, which can be used as a preferred medium of exchange.

How do I generate Axia coin rewards?

Generate AXIA Coin rewards daily via select AXIA Ecosystem apps and visit the AXIA Member Rewards Center any time to view and manage the rewards you've generated. AXIA offers a unique staking program through AXIA Capital Bank. Generate rewards of up to 120% APR that are compounded daily.

Why is Axia coin a hyper-deflationary asset?

AXIA coin is a hyper-deflationary asset because the total supply of AXIA coins is constantly decreasing due to participation, activity, and transaction across the ecosystem which triggers the coin- burning mechanism. Cryptocurrency burning is when a fraction of tokens are sent to a wallet with no private key. This means the tokens are lost forever.

Is Axia a good investment?

AXIA was created to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by empowering the less privileged with a fair financial system. I bought AXIA last 3 months after a friend referred me and it has been my best investment so far. Their products are exceptional and the AXIA team proactiveness is incorrigible.