Is helium miner worth it?

Yes. In my opinion, Helium is likely to be a decent choice for mining HNT for the next few years. However, once the rewards for simply existing in a cluster start to fizzle out, the real payday will be for the miners in highly populated cities or those lucky enough to be covering a large agricultural facility using HNT.

Is helium mining profitable?

In summary, Helium mining can be profitable depending on where and how you deploy your Helium miner. How to measure your investment? Many people think that Helium is a passive investment and your only costs are the Helium miner and its initial installation. This could not be further from the truth.

Is helium hotspot worth it?

Mining Helium may be worth it if your in an area where there is low competition ... field of the internet of things with hotspots and paying people to provide them. A hotspot is similar to a Wifi router except it's better. The hotspots submit a signal ...