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Do arbitrage bots work?

Arbitrage bots crypto traders can turn quite a profit with high-performing bots and thoughtful trading strategies. Other factors like market demand, supply, volatility, also affect profits. 2. Do Arbitrage Bots Work? Crypto arbitrage bots work well — they can automatically detect trading opportunities and make a profit faster than humans.

What are the best BTC arbitrage bots?

This platform’s specialty is arbitrage crypto trading, so the bot is finely tuned to the process. Like Pionex, offers its bots entirely for free. This BTC arbitrage bot works for Bitcoin but also monitors 90 other currencies across various exchanges. It uses spread trading, cross-exchange arbitrage, and auto-rebalancing strategies.

What is arbitrage bot (moderate mode)?

“Arbitrage bot (Moderate Mode)” is a low-risk financial bot adopting a hedging strategy, which annualized rate of return is 5% – 50%. During the period of 2020/9/15-2021/9/16, the total return was 28.35%, and the max drawdown was 1.28% during this period.

What is trality arbitrage bot?

Founded in 2019, Australia-based Trality offers its arbitrage bot to users worldwide. This platform offers one of the best experiences for traders who want to build their own strategies and bots, thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality. Even beginners can customize their bots without coding knowledge.

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