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What are AMC Entertainment's “APE” units?

What are AMC Entertainment’s “APE” units? AMC Entertainment recently announced that its shareholders will receive a special dividend of one “AMC Preferred Equity Unit” (Ticker: APE) for each share of AMC stock held. The units received via this dividend will be processed and first tradeable on Monday, August 22.

What is AMC preferred equity (ape)?

One APE was distributed for each share of AMC class A common stock outstanding at the close of business on Aug. 15. Beginning today, AMC Preferred Equity units will be listed on the NYSE and trade under the ticker symbol "APE."

Does AMC have a dividend?

AMC Entertainment ( AMC) has fully embraced its meme popularity with the release of a special dividend called “APE” units. The AMC Entertainment Holdings Preferred Equity Units ( APE) were dividended at the end of last week to AMC shareholders and have already risen nearly 10% from their $6 opening price.

Did AMC Drop ape units on the same day?

AMC dropped APE units on the same day. In what can be considered bad timing, AMC released its preferred stock class, called APE units, on Aug. 22. Some investors received APE units in the form of a dividend payout prior to the preferred class actually beginning to trade.

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