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Are airport stocks a buy?

Airport stocks offer a moat – no other airline related business does! Here is the video discussion on why airport stocks are a buy alongside with the Fraport stock analysis explanation. Airport stock analysis written article continues below. Owning airport stocks is one of the most loved investments by many because of the following:

Do airport stocks offer a competitive advantage?

Airport stocks offer a competitive advantage as airports usually have a monopoly within a certain geographical area. Nobody is going to build a new airport next to yours as it is extremely difficult to get approval and it isn’t economically viable to do so if you are not in a really high growth area. Thus, you have little competition.

Are airport stocks a good investment in 2023?

Airport stocks are rarely brought to the attention of retail investors. Yet, they can be marvelous investments due to their one-of-a-kind features. In this article, we are looking at three airport stocks whose unique qualities position them well for a potential takeoff in 2023.

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