Is there an airport in Reykjavik?

While there is an airport for domestic flights located in Reykjavik, Iceland’s international airport is actually located in Keflavik roughly 45 minutes from the Reykjavik city center. Thankfully there are a number of comfortable options to get you to the city including riding the Flybus to Reykjavik or renting a car.

How do you get to Iceland from Keflavik International Airport?

Unless you are terrified of air travel—in which case, you'll arrive in Iceland via the ferry docks at Seydisfjordur —almost all travelers to the land of ice and fire will pass through its one central transportation hub, Keflavik International Airport. After all, it is the only international airport in the country.

Does Reykjavik have a bus service?

Airport Direct offers pick-up services from your hotel, guesthouse, or designated bus stops in downtown Reykjavik. The city center has restrictions on buses and larger vehicles to maintain a pleasant and safe environment.

What airlines fly into Iceland?

Today, the airport is run by an enterprise of the Icelandic government, measuring out at 10 square miles (25 square kilometers) with three runways in total. The airport's leading carriers are PLAY Air and Icelandair. See also: Ultimate Guide to Flights to Iceland.