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What is a hash-160 address?

For example, if for whichever reason you want to post your address publicly but not want other people to know your address for security reasons, you can convert it to a hash-160 address to encrypt the data and keep yourself safe. Our tool tells us that this address converted into hash-160 is this:

What is hash160 (public key)?

The HASH160 (Public Key) is a hashed version of your public key. It’s also neccessary steps to carry out in midst of BASE58 address generation. Please refer to Technical background of version 1 Bitcoin addresses. Compare to give out public key directly, hash160 provide extra security and size shorten for relay efficiency.

How do I convert a hex address to a hash160?

To get from an address to a hash160, you don't have to compute sha256 or ripemd160 of anything. You just have to decode it from base58 back to hex, and discard the unwanted junk. The first byte (6F) is the version byte; discard it. The last 4 bytes are the checksum; discard it.

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