How do rare bounties work?

Rare bounties from the Black Armory work similarly to the other random bounty drops from other events and activities. For example, turning in Gambit bounties and completing matches will occasionally reward you with a bonus Gambit bounty which usually offers an additional reward such as a legendary engram containing an item from that activity.

How do you get rare Black Armory bounties?

These rare Black Armory bounties can only be acquired from completing Ada-1’s daily and weekly bounties – there’s a tiny chance for one to drop every time you complete one. It can take weeks for a rare bounty to drop, and that process can keep dragging on for interminable stretches if you’re truly unlucky.

Where can I find the infamous Bounty?

infamous bounties posters -- After you've purchased the Prestigious Bounter Hunter License, you can find the infamous bounty on the right -most poster on a bounty board. You can cycle (with the d-pad up and down) between the normal 3-star poster, the infamous bounty, and the new legendary bounty: Gene Beanu Finley.

How many bounties do you need for each bounty?

I try to do at least 9 minimum for every bounty), for example 2 12 minute bounties will get you 0.72 gold bars while one 25 minute bounty will get you 0.44 gold bars. Every time I try to select one, they just give me single person bounties instead of these. Anyone else having this issue? Hmm... I wasn’t aware of these, but they sound really cool.