How many armor mods does Ada-1 offer?

She will also offer one randomly chosen Combat Style armor mod, specifically from the Charged with Light and Warmind mod groups. When looking at her weekly wares, Ada-1 will also offer one armor set that is randomly selected from the World Loot Pool with a stat roll that will also rotate each week.

What is Tioda mod?

Tioda is a mod created by Zonian and SirDusterBuster featuring Tioda, a character created by Zonian. The mod currently has one song, Pizzazz, but is expected to gain more in the future. Tioda is the mod's main opponent. She is a robotic DJ who wants to become the top musician in R.M City and has a thing for challenging musicians to hone her skills.

What is the SIMDA mod?

Este mod adiciona um aplicativo de namoro para o The Sims 4 que se chama “SimDa”. Ele permite que os Sims procurem por um parceiro para encontros mais sérios ou casuais. O mod é totalmente personalizável, o que permite que você ajuste totalmente as suas preferências para encontrar o par perfeito para o seu Sim.

How often do Ada-1 mods refresh?

Depending on the time of year, this can be impacted by daylight savings which is detailed on the Bungie support website. Ada-1 mods will refresh each day at the times listed below. Unlike Xur, who appears in a different location each week, Ada-1 can always be found in the same place every day.