What is Ada-1 in Destiny 2?

What is ADA-1? ADA-1 is a vendor in Destiny 2 that sells mods. These mods can enhance the performance of your weapons and armor in Destiny 2. Where to find Ada-1?

What are Ada-1 and Banshee-44 mods in Destiny 2?

Another day, another set of new mods await you with the vendors, Ada-1 and Banshee in Destiny 2. These are mainly weapon and armor mods that are much needed by a guardian to complete their search for specific mods. The mod reset for Ada-1 and Banshee-44 happens on a Daily reset basis, and the weapon and armor shuffles happen every week.

When are Ada-1 mods available?

Be aware that Ada-1 Mods are available daily on a daily cycle. The Ada-1 Mods rotate daily. Today’s Mods are available from 10:30 PM IST until the next day at 10:30 PM IST. ADA-1 Mods Today: ALL ARMOR MODS FREE NOW!!! What is banshee-44 selling today? What is ADA-1? Where to find Ada-1? In Destiny 2: ADA-1 Location

How do you unlock mods in Destiny 2?

In fact, mods won’t even appear as unlocked in your Collections tab; they are simply available to use in your inventory and armor selection screens. In case you’re new to Destiny 2, Ada-1 is a vendor located in the Tower. You can easily reach her by using the Tower’s ‘Annex’ landing point.