What is the visa Crypto debit card program?

This program furthers Visa's relationship with Crypto.com. Currently, Crypto.com offers five prepaid Visa debit cards. These cryptocurrency debit cards allow users to spend their digital currency wherever Visa is accepted. Like a debit card, the catch is you need to top up your account with digital currency to cover any spending.

Will Visa's payment stay in cryptocurrency?

In this landmark transaction, Visa's payment stayed in cryptocurrency all the way. This means that -- eventually -- crypto businesses won't need to convert to a fiat currency to process payments.

What are visa's Bitcoin and crypto APIs?

Visa has launched a bitcoin and crypto APIs pilot program, set to launch later this year. First Boulevard, a Kansas-based, Black-focused digital bank, will pilot the APIs, designed to help Visa bank clients integrate bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Which cryptocurrency wallet providers are partnering with Visa?

Leading up to the partnership, Visa had already onboarded 25 cryptocurrency wallet providers as part of its Fast Track program-including Fold and Cred-each of which can now pilot the USDC integration.