What is a coin price guide?

The most frequently used price guide to U.S. coins is the Red Book. A price list is a list of coins from a dealer's inventory that they have for sale at a given price. It is an offer from a dealer to sell your coin at that particular price. Here's where it gets a little complicated.

When should I use the price of my Coin Collection?

The one time when it is correct to use the "price" or retail value to determine what your collection is worth, is when you want to establish its value for insurance purposes. In this case, you want to purchase insurance to cover the replacement cost of your coin collection.

Is there a short-term price swing on rare coins?

Significant short-term price swings are always possible. Collectors Universe, its principals and representatives do not guarantee a profit or guarantee against a loss for any coin you buy or sell based on the information contained in this Price Guide or any Collectors Universe website. You buy and sell rare coins at your own risk.

How much do coin dealers pay?

These are the average values a coin dealer will offer to pay you for your coin collection. They typically run between 50% and 75% of what the exact same coins would sell for at the retail price.