Will 2018 be the year of cryptocurrencies?

In 2018 new currencies and platforms will emerge, experienced investors and financial institutions will move into the market and regulators will take a stance. 2018 will be the year that cryptocurrencies become embedded in the traditional financial system. ...

How much would bitcoin be worth in 2018?

Jeet Singh, a crypto portfolio manager, thought that Bitcoin could go to $50,000 in this article, meaning that he was only 1,350% off. In this article, John McAfee is quoted as saying that Bitcoin would be worth ten times as much in 2018 (at a time when it was trading around $13,500).

Can machine learning predict cryptocurrency prices?

The success of machine learning techniques for stock markets prediction [ 36 – 42] suggests that these methods could be effective also in predicting cryptocurrencies prices.

How will the UK Treasury regulate cryptocurrencies in 2018?

Cryptocurrency trading will also come under further scrutiny. In 2018 the UK Treasury is set to regulate cryptocurrencies in line with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism rules forcing traders to reveal their identities in certain cases.