What is a Sol domain?

The connection between the name and the actual IP address of the server is resolved via corresponding entries in the Domain Name System (DNS). A .SOL domain can be used to simplify transferring of funds, developing projects, and more. Wallets like Phantom and Sollet.io support .SOL domains already, more wallet apps will undoubtfully follow.

How do I buy a Solana domain?

To buy a .sol domain, you will need $20 worth of Solana or USDC + a small amount of SOL for transaction fees Registering your personal .sol domain through Bonfida's Naming service is simple and takes just a minute: You'll see on the page that you can browse domains that have already been sold or are up for auction.

What is a'sol' domain name?

SNS grants users a ".sol" domain name (e.g., ExampleUser.sol) through a user's Program Derived Account. Like an e-mail address, a .sol domain can be helpful in sending assets to a friend or looking up your own token accounts on an Explorer.

How do I buy a domain name from SNS?

It is also interesting to note that SNS has chosen USDC for payment instead of its native token (FIDA) or SOL itself. This brings us to the Solana wallet. To get started, you'll first need a Solana wallet with some funds to buy and register the domain name. I recommend Phantom wallet for your browser. Once you download it, create a new wallet.