How do I register for the Lido quiz?

Here's how users can register for the Lido quiz to earn rewards in Binance's native LDO crypto. Visit the Binance learn and earn section on the Binance website, or through the Binance app. Browse through the crypto quiz options and select the LDO quiz. Complete the course. And that's it! Also note that a user can only participate in the quiz once.

How many quizzes are there in Binance learn and earn?

On 19th October 2022 at 9:00 (UTC) , there will be three quizzes (LDO, WOO & QI ) in Binance learn & earn. All the information you need regarding the three quizzes is here, including the correct answers. The Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers – Beginner’s Guide have already been published in a single post.

What are Binance bitcoin buttons and WODL games?

The Binance Bitcoin Button and the Binance Wodl games are just two of the exchange’s recent cryptocurrency-earning offerings. Learn and Earn, commonly known as Binance’s quiz product and dubbed “learn,” is among the oldest and most popular, delivering a wide variety of questions to Binance users in order to earn cryptocurrency.