How to buy WhatsApp stock?

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and Facebook stock can be researched on Stock Rover to check the fundamentals. So, just to be clear, you can’t buy shares in WhatsApp directly, but you can invest in WhatsApp by buying stock in Facebook and here’s how. Choose your broker and trading platform. Open your account.

Is WhatsApp publicly traded?

WhatsApp isn't publicly traded, but you can invest in its parent company. WhatsApp, an American messaging service with around two billion monthly users, is often used as an alternative to text messages and group chats. And Meta (formerly Facebook) owns WhatsApp. So if you want to invest, you need to buy shares in its parent company.

Did Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion?

With WhatsApp’s astronomical popularity, it should be no surprise that Facebook ( NYSE: $FB) decided to get in on the action. In February o014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for just over $19 billion. Now that should show you Facebook’s confidence in WhatsApp, considering they only spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram in 2012.

What is the best stock app?

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