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What does ISDA do?

ISDA also creates industry standards for derivatives and provides legal definitions of terms used in contracts. An example is the 1999 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions, which provide basic definitions for credit default swaps, total return swaps, credit linked notes and other credit derivative transactions.

What is the ISDA Master Agreement?

The current Chief Executive Officer is Scott O'Malia, who joined ISDA in 2009. The ISDA Master Agreement is typically used between a derivatives dealer and its counterparty when discussions begin surrounding a derivatives trade. There are two basic forms of Master Agreement: single jurisdiction/currency and multiple jurisdiction/currency.

How many members does ISDA have?

ISDA has more than 925 members in 75 countries; its membership consists of derivatives dealers, service providers and end users. ISDA was initially created in 1985 as the International Swap Dealers Association and subsequently changed its name switching "Swap Dealers" to "Swaps and Derivatives".

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