Is a stable coin an e-money?

Stable coins often fulfil the definition of e-money. However, if, for example, a stable coin is also issued against other crypto currencies or other financial instruments and there is no central issuer and/or it does not serve as a means of payment, it constitutes a crypto currency.

What is ecoin finance?

ECOIN FINANCE is a decentralized & deflationary BEP20 token that is powered by "BNB Chain" network, the previous Binance Smart Chain. ECOIN will be an online payment platform through our integrated debit card. People around the world will be able to make easy, fast, and secure payments using your ECOIN balance.

What is the difference between e-money and crypto?

Both often have in common that the value is created through the acceptance of another value. For e-money, this can only be fiat currency or e-money. In other words, if the asset is issued in exchange for Bitcoin, financial instruments, property or other objects, it does not constitute e-money. However, it can constitute a crypto asset.

What is ecoin token & how does it work?

ECOIN token is native to the platform. The platform developed and issued the app, and the token is utilized to complete purchases via debit cards and wallets. Without ECOIN, traders cannot make their purchases. ECOIN is the only crypto-token integrated into the platform's payment system. So the coin/token always holds demand and utility.