What is the best altcoin to buy?

After all, Bitcoin has already surpassed a total market valuation of over $1 trillion, so returns will be somewhat limited when compared to smaller-cap altcoins. Our top altcoin is new crypto presale project called AiDoge. It is a pioneering platform that unites artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency to simplify user meme creation.

How many altcoins are there right now?

There are approximately 20,000 altcoins on the market right now. Why altcoins drop when bitcoin drops? BTC dominance can directly affect altcoins, as it showcases how much of the market's trading volume is in BTC vs. how much of the trading volume is in altcoins.

Is eToro the best place to buy altcoins in 2023?

Taking the above metrics into account, we found that eToro is the overall best place to buy altcoins in 2023. We explain why in the section below. eToro is a our pick for the best crypto exchange that is ideal for investors of all skill sets. Opening an account here takes minutes – and the KYC verification process can be completed instantly.

Which altcoin should you invest in 2023?

Ecoterra is the best environmentally focused altcoin to invest in 2023 as it looks to increase the uptake of recycling by providing a strong enough incentive for users. The project has developed a groundbreaking Recycle2Earn platform that lets users easily track their recycling habits and be rewarded for their positive environmental contributions.