Will there be an electric DeLorean in 2024?

It’s the latest concept in a long line of promises from the once-defunct brand. The latest iteration of DeLorean: The Alpha5 electric car. A new electric DeLorean will arrive in 2024, says the latest iteration of the DeLorean Motor Co. This is the brand John DeLorean founded in 1975, which went bankrupt by 1982.

What is DeLorean concept 2040?

CONCEPT 2040 DeLorean continues to reimagine the future of mobility. After an iconic line of DeLorean Alphas, the interpretation of 2040 brings about a new vision, the DeLorean Omega. This concept vehicle was designed with roots in baja-themed off-road racing. Omega signifies a celebration of mobility and driving.

What's new at DeLorean Motor Company?

The new all-electric DMC revives the "Medusa" sedan concept that the original DeLorean Motor Company had started development on prior to the automaker going bankrupt in 1982.

What's new in the DeLorean DMC-12?

Aside from its electric drivetrain, the biggest change from the original DeLorean DMC-12 to the Alpha5 is a larger cabin that accommodates a back seat with room for two small passengers. It's not a big back seat – it's more of a 2+2 setup common to other sports cars.