Are top nine and Best Nine back in 2022?

You’ve seen Spotify Wrapped, BeReal Recap, Instagram’s Recap Reel, but don’t sleep on Top Nine and Best Nine. Yeah, they apps are old school — the trend of sharing your top nine posts from the past year started in 2016 — but classics stick around for a reason. Both apps are back for 2022, and they’ll lead you to some great mems.

What is best nine on Instagram?

Answer: Over the past years, Best Nine has become incredibly popular on Instagram. Best Nine is a collage post made of nine tiles, showing your most liked Instagram posts of the past year. The Best Nine app will securely collect your best photos, videos, and reels of 2022 (or any previous year) and summarize them into a beautiful collage keepsake.

How does top nine work?

Top Nine’s built-in share button will generate rectangular Instagram Story and square regular post templates for you featuring your personal top nine, which is really nice for aesthetic purposes. It’s easy to save to your Camera Roll and upload via Instagram the way you normally would. Ooooh, pretty! Credit: screenshot: top nine

Where can I Find my Best Nine Photos from 2021?

You can also get your best nine photos right from the Best Nine website. The app doesn’t have a clear method for how its algorithm works, but it's likely based on your most-liked photos from the year. To use Best Nine, open the app, select 2021, and tap "Continue."