What is an NFT project?

Nansen provides an in-depth guide to NFTs here: Everything You Need to Know About NFTs. An NFT project is a collection of NFTs released by a group with a finite supply. NFT collections observe stylistic similarity with varying characteristics. A classic example is Yuga Lab’s Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project.

Why is IMPT a popular upcoming NFT drop?

IMPT is a popular upcoming NFT drop as the project is offering real-world, long-term utility in a growing market that is set for exponential growth in the next decade.

How much does NFTS cost?

The collection will initially be sold for 0.12 ETH with a presale launch date of October 28, 2022. While the collection's 6,666 NFTS will each feature unique artwork and various rarity-weighted traits, that is far from its only utility. Of the NFT projects that are upcoming this year,

Which NFT projects have the highest sales volumes in 2019?

Decentraland remains by far the project with the highest sales volumes, largely due to the NFT Money Maker community and the still high value of LANDs. Only the last two have a truly diversified portfolio with more than 15 types of assets sold in 2019. In total, thetop 10 Sellers sold for more than $1 ,565 000 over year.