How much is a half dollar worth?

It’s unusual to find a half dollar in circulation these days (not that the coins are hard to come by).All circulation strike Kennedy half dollars struck after 1971 are only worth their face value of 50 cents, and all circulation strike coins from before that year are considered to be junk. Are any Australian 50 cent coins valuable?

What was the last half dollar made of silver?

The coins had a The Franklin half dollar series was the last U.S. circulating half dollar to be made of 90% Silver for its entire run. After the 1964

When was the first half dollar struck?

The first US Mint was established in 1792 in Philadelphia, and the first silver half dollar was released in 1794, the Flowing Hair Half Dollar. Below is the list of Half Dollars struck throughout the history of the US Mint, along with their starting and ending dates of production. Kennedy 1976 (only collector sets produced with 40% silver)

Where can I buy half dollar coins?

You rarely see half-dollar coins in circulation now, but you can still buy them from the bank. Half dollar coins come in rolls of 20 ($10 face value), and typically the bank orders them for you in boxes of 50 or 100 rolls ($500 or $1,000 per box). Look for coins minted before 1970.