Will 2017-2018 trapping season bring fur prices?

The 2017-2018 trapping season is upon us, and trappers everywhere are looking for a clue as to what fur prices will bring. Since the crash in the fur market a few years back, it’s been tougher to get information on fur prices until late in the selling season, after trappers have harvested, prepared and shipped most of their furs.

What is the modern fur market?

The modern fur market is global. Unlike the historic market, where a great deal of domestic production was consumed in North America, today’s market relies on buyers in China, Greece, Italy, Russia and Korea. Unlike in the U.S., fur is fashionable in these places, and the economic well being of their consumers is critical in driving the market.

Why is wild fur so expensive?

You can’t talk wild fur prices without touching on ranch fur production (primarily mink and fox), since ranch fur accounts for the vast majority of all fur consumed in the world. The ranch mink market has changed considerably, with several years of depressed prices causing many farms to go out of business, thus reducing supply.

How much is a red fox pelt?

Red Fox – prices for reds haven’t varied much over the years, but may be a bit lower this year. Look for around $15-20 for the better pelts, single digits for flat or lower quality foxes. Marten – low harvest makes these a bit of a specialty item that is still in demand, and prices shouldn’t be much different from last season.