What is 0xbattleground?

0xBattleGround is a Battle Royale Shooter with one mission: TO SURVIVE! Discover the huge maps of 0xBattleGround and find your best tactic for the battle to defeat other players and win weapon skins, characters and raffle tickets for loot boxes.

What is Battlegrounds?

All fans of battlegrounds are dedicated to: Battle Royale: Survival Zombie - this is a huge fight in the deathmatch mode use gun and free wepaons skins. Modifying the 3d top-down zombie shooter takes you to a world where you have to fight for your own life and fight zombies to Survive. 100 of the bravest players and one arena.

What is anime Battlegrounds X?

Anime Battlegrounds X is an experience developed by Sub & Fatal for the Roblox metaverse platform. Anime Battlegrounds X is a unique battle game where you collect fighters and abilities. Join over 9 different arenas and battle your fighters to earn rewards and new abilities.

Does 0xbattleground have ammo?

Ammo is one of the resources found on the map, but players can also run out during the match. 0xBattleGround is win-to-earn, meaning only match winners will gain rewards. The game is skill-based, but also depends on the NFT statistics.