What does ETH mean in a domain name?

Of course, one of the major draws to a registry is the “.ETH” suffix — signifying to users that a website is more on the cutting edge than those still using “.com” or “.net.” The limited amount of available domain names is also putting pressure on would-be users. How Do You Get a .ETH Domain? Ethereum Name Service Makes It Simple.

What is en (ETH)?

ENS or Ethereum Name Service is built on the Ethereum blockchain and enables you to buy secure, private, censorship-resistant domains .eth domain names. — You can use this domain to link to your crypto wallet address or other information stored on a Web3 infrastructure such as the Interplanetary File System.

What if someone wants to pay you in ETH?

Well, if someone wanted to pay you in ETH, the Ethereum blockchain's native coin, you'd have to give them your public Ethereum wallet address — a long, alphanumeric string of characters that is boring and lacks personalization. Instead, you can swap that ho-hum address for an ENS domain.

How do I buy ETH tokens if I don't have Ethereum?

Check the details of the transaction, and request to register. Step 5: You will receive a request to approve the transaction from your connected wallet. Click “Confirm” to approve the transaction. If you don’t have Ethereum, you can buy ETH tokens via Ledger Live. And tadaa!