What is a ETH Domain?

One of the most prominent uses for a .eth domain is to link it with your wallets and dApps (such as the Uniswap exchange) to show it as your username. You can read a detailed guide about this here. Plus, you can send or receive cryptocurrency using this short name instead of the 42-character long string.

What is en (Ethereum Name Service)?

ENS or **Ethereum Name Service **is a DApp that allows users to shorten their long, and hard to remember, Ethereum addresses into a more readable format. ENS are specifically domain names that are based on the Ethereum network and smart contracts.

How to register a domain in Ethereum?

Using an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask, you can visit manager.ens.domains to search for available domain names. Once you have found your domain, the system will walk you through registration, which will require you to confirm two transactions from your wallet.

Can someone pay you in ETH?

Well, if someone wanted to pay you in ETH, the Ethereum blockchain's native coin, you'd have to give them your public Ethereum wallet address — a long, alphanumeric string of characters that is boring and lacks personalization. Instead, you can swap that ho-hum address for an ENS domain.