What is Turbo-chart?

Turbo-Chart is a new tool for generating Time Location charts (also known as Linear Schedules or Time Distance/ Time Chainage Charts) that are used to visualise linear project schedules, directly from your preferred scheduling tools. What are Time Location Charts?

How can Turbo-chart improve project schedule communication & analysis?

Improve your Project Schedule Communication and Analysis using Turbo-Chart. Condense hundreds or thousands of tasks onto a single page that clearly shows the big picture to all stakeholders – the easiest and quickest way to create linear schedules/Time location diagrams for linear projects.

Where is my Turbo-chart data stored?

Regardless, your data is yours and stored locally on your machine. It is stored in an open standard (JSON) and can easily be decoded and used by other systems. No Turbo-Chart data (other than support related issues) are accessed or retained by Linear Project Software.

What if I have multiple Turbo-chart annual subscriptions?

If you’ve purchased multiple Turbo-Chart annual subscriptions with different renewal dates, we can consolidate these to have a single common renewal date to reduce the administrative effort. The latest renewal date will apply to ensure subscriptions are a minimum of one year, and pro-rate on a monthly basis beyond that.