You can now link your MetaMask wallet to BTCC!


Dear BTCC user,


You can now link your MetaMask wallet to BTCC for express login, deposit, and buying cryptocurrencies. You can also earn a 20 USDT reward by linking your MetaMask wallet for the first time!


1) How do I link my MetaMask wallet?
(Linking is only available on BTCC’s website at the moment.)


1. Click the MetaMask icon on the login window.


2. Your MetaMask account window will appear. Select the account (address), signature, etc. that you want to link with.


3. Verify your BTCC account using your mobile number or email. Each BTCC account can only be linked to one MetaMask wallet address. If the mobile number or email you entered has already been registered, you will be prompted to sign in with your password.


4. Verify by requesting a MetaMask signature.


5. You will be logged in once your MetaMask wallet is linked successfully.


2) How do I deposit using my MetaMask wallet?
(Only supports ETH at the moment.)


1. Link your MetaMask wallet, select transfer ETH


2. Your MetaMask account window will appear. Complete the transfer there.