Announcement on how BTCC handles suspicious accounts

Fellow BTCC users,


Thank you for your continuous support of our services. Recently it came to our attention that there is a number of users trying to get rewards from our campaigns by maliciously registering accounts in batches. 


As stated in our User Agreement, BTCC operates on the principle of one account per person, and we would like to ensure every user can make the most of their account by using our services. To provide a fair trading environment for all, please note these suspicious accounts (tap here to see the list) will be banned from BTCC for their malicious behaviours, as outlined in the T&Cs of our campaigns. Please note BTCC will take the following actions on these accounts:


1. Profits earned from malicious behaviours will be confiscated.

2. Assets deposited into the account by the user will not be confiscated.

3. Users of these accounts can still make withdrawals of their deposits.

4. BTCC will not collect the assets that had already been withdrawn from the users.

5. Accounts that have been withdrawn completely would be banned from BTCC afterwards.


Please understand that we do not accept any form of malicious behaviour, which is registering accounts in batches to get rewards in this case, on the BTCC platform. Banning accounts of this type is an important initiative we have to take to ensure a fair trading environment for all of our users. At the same time, we will not confiscate the assets deposited into these accounts, and users can still withdraw their own deposits.


Thank you for your attention and understanding. If you have any questions about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team via Live Chat.